And good riddance. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I am glad to see the end of 2012. It has not been a great year for many of us. The economy continues to stagnate, unemployment remains high, and the world at large is politically unstable. For me and my family 2012 has been filled with stressors and tragedies, shared and unshared, that made it an especially bad year.

2012 has not been completely bad through. Mostly, this year has taught me that I can not only survive, but thrive in adversity.

In 2013 I plan to share some of the lessons I learned in 2012, the skills I’ve mastered, and the ones that I am still struggling to learn. This blog is where many of those lessons will be shared, and I expect to see it evolve over the next year as those lessons unfold.

For now; Happy New Year!